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Kseniya Buraya  •  ITMO University, Saint Petersburg


An essential tool for…

  • Literature discovery
  • Identifying novelty
  • Prior art searches
  • Team research
  • Reference management
  • Literature reviews
  • Organisation + notekeeping
  • Research communication
  • Citation chasing

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Literature maps interactively display articles’ citations over time

Use Litmaps to create interactive literature maps: collections of articles that make up your different research topics. Create maps for your research by searching our literature database; linking your reference manager; or through automatic generation from seed articles.

Use literature maps to

  • Create a visual understanding of how your literature connects
  • Leverage context-aware Citation Network Search tools
  • Share and collaborate on bodies of research
Try it out — This literature map is interactive

Generate your own map

Litmaps is able to generate literature maps from a single article. “Seed maps” include the top connections to the selected article.

Find Seed Article
Connect the dots

Suggested articles are shown on this map

Citation network search tools which strengthen as your maps

Litmaps’ network search tools leverage your maps’ content to find highly-connected literature.

Citation network algorithms are an excellent way to supplement keyword searches, helping to surface key articles that may have otherwise gone unseen.

Targeted citation network search

Ensure citation traversal algorithms are targeting your areas of interest by specifying keyword and date range filters.

Automatic suggestions

Litmaps will automatically present suggested articles based on their connectivity to your maps, helping to accelerate your literature gathering process.

Coordinate team knowledge

A central platform for team research projects

Literature maps, when combined with Litmaps’ note-taking tools, act as a core body of knowledge for research organisations.

  • Create shared Litmaps workspaces for your organisation’s different projects
  • Maintain a shared set of notes
  • Notify team members by tagging them in article notes
  • Map visualisations enhance research communication across all levels of expertise within your organisation
  • Streamline new team member onboarding processes
  • Protect your organisation against Key Person Risk
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University of Georgia

Neal Outland

Litmaps was refreshingly showing us things that we hadn’t found, things that flew under the radar, which was good… and a little scary.”

Neal Outland, Assistant Professor

Download the full case study to see how Litmaps has improved the workflow of Neal’s group at University of Georgia.

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A research platform for today

Extensive database

More than 200 million records, updated daily with the most recent high-quality publications.

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Email updates

Opt in to receive automated email alerts when emergent literature is found to be highly connected to your maps.

Note-taking directly onto articles

Notes taken in Litmaps can be tied directly to articles, minimising the need to switch back and forth between different pieces of software.

Communicate with everyone

Export maps for use as conference slides, or embed them in websites. All levels of expertise in your organisation can engage with research projects using Litmaps’ visualisations.

Upload custom documents*

Upload and connect your internal documents to your literature maps, allowing your team to see how upcoming or private work relates to wider research.

*Feature coming soon

Reference manager integration*

Configure Litmaps to sync with your Zotero or Mendeley references manager.

*Feature coming soon

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Our mission is to accelerate the research process and improve the accessibility of knowledge.

We believe these are some of humanity’s most powerful ways to produce better outcomes for the world.

We’ve set out to create a modern research environment that the research community deserves. From own research and engineering backgrounds we’ve experienced the struggle with archaic research tools, and are excited to be at the front of a new wave of change for research software.

Litmaps is made for you. We’re always keen to hear your experiences, suggestions, and feedback, in order to make sure what we’re building is providing what you need. Please get in touch.


Litmaps is proud to provide a lower rate for academic institutions. We also offer discounted rates for research projects that rely on public or philanthropic funding. If you think your project is eligible for a discount, please get in touch.

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