We are scientists, engineers, and designers, determined to improve the experience of discovering scientific literature

Science is the answer to many of humanity’s challenges. As a species, we must do anything and everything we can to accelerate the process of scientific discovery.
Litmaps has a role to play connecting the dots between scientists and discoveries in order to help advance humanity.
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Meet the Team

Axton Pitt


Digl Dixon

Design Lead / Developer

Gayani Tennakoon

Data Scientist

Sam Raha

Frontend Developer

Racheal Reeves

Senior UI/UX Consultant
Powering the research ecosystem
Litmaps sits at the heart of a vibrant research ecosystem and seamlessly integrates with some of the most popular Reference Managers and Search Tools.  By integrating with these tools it’s now much easier to get your base collection data into and out-of Litmaps.  If there are other tools you would like to use with Litmaps, please let us know.