Litmaps for Researchers

Your literature review, improved

Litmaps automates the entire process for literature discovery, by finding the most relevant papers and authors on your topic using the citation network.

Whereas before it would take researchers days, or even weeks, to sift through hundreds of papers and citations, it now takes seconds to run a Litmaps search to find the key papers on your topic.

With various features, you'll stay informed and organised long after you've finished your literature review.

Who is using Litmaps

Litmaps is used by students, researchers, R&D teams, and policy makers in 150+ countries around the world.

Over 250,000 researchers rely on Litmaps for their literature discovery, organisation and management.
Use Litmaps to:

  • Find key papers in your field in seconds
  • Spot relevant papers you'd miss with traditional search
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest research, automatically
  • Avoid ever getting lost in the literature again

Spot the most important papers fast

Navigating the millions of published scientific articles out there isn't easy. That's true whether you're diving into a new topic or staying up-to-date on your own field.

Litmaps recommends the most relevant papers based on connections. Our visual and dynamic Maps make it easy to instantly identify the most important articles for your work.
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Our Course: Learn and Teach with Litmaps

Our Mastering Literature Review with Litmaps course allows instructors to seamlessly bring Litmaps into the classroom to teach fundamental literature review and research concepts.