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Tackling a literature review can be overwhelming. With thousands of papers on your topic, where do you even start?

Litmaps simplifies the entire literature review process. Finish your literature review in no time by quickly finding the right papers and understanding the bigger picture in no time.

Students on Litmaps

Students from 150+ countries use Litmaps to support their literature review.

Whether you're an undergraduate starting your first research project, or a PhD student wrapping up your thesis, you can rely on Litmaps to quickly find and manage all your research literature.
Join students across the world, and use Litmaps to:

  • Quickly find papers on your topic
  • Stay organized effortlessly
  • Understand the bigger picture
  • Know when you're done searching for papers

How does Litmaps work?

Litmaps recommends papers based on an initial starting article. Simply search for your topic, select an article, and Litmaps will find relevant articles based on connection.

Literature maps, like this one on the left, make it easy to find important papers on your topic and see the big-picture.

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