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Litmaps in industry

Whether it's in preparation for surgery or learning how to build a more sustainable world, industry professionals of all domains are turning to Litmaps to access scientific research more effectively.

By connecting you to the entire literature landscape through dynamic and adjustable visual displays, Litmaps enable you to go through more papers faster, drilling down on the work that's important for you.

Who is using Litmaps

Over 250,000 researchers using Litmaps for their literature discovery, organization and management. Industry professionals across the world use Litmaps to dive into scientific literature more efficiently.
Use Litmaps to:

  • Find cutting-edge papers fast
  • See research in a historical context
  • Discover niche case studies quickly
  • Get automatic alerts on relevant research

Our Users

Whether your goal is to understand a field from a bird's-eye view, gain historical perspective, or hone in on a niche topic, Litmaps helps you quickly find the research to get you there. By streamlining how you search for papers, Litmaps saves hours, or even days, of time.

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