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Researchers have been building on each other’s ideas for centuries. Litmaps is proud to continue this tradition with our Spotlight articles — short overviews of some of the research Litmaps is being used for around the world, as well as our own thoughts on broader topics surrounding modern research.

Makeup Transfer

We talk to Litmaps user Kseniya Buraya about her state-of-the-art research on using Generalised Adversarial Networks for makeup style transfer.

100 Years of Bohr

Take a dive into Niels Bohr’s legendary 1913 “trilogy” of papers on atomic structure — papers which laid the foundation for quantum mechanics, nuclear physics, and the development of the periodic table.


A literature review on different aspects of superconductivity in phosphorous doped barium iron arsenide.

The all-new Litmaps

Written by
Axton Pitt

Litmaps has been updated to better serve scientific literature discovery and visualization workflows based on feedback from you, our users.

Litmaps 2023

Written by
Digl Dixon

We break down the major changes that we've just rolled out. From design to data, everything's had a complete overhaul!

New Visual Discovery Tools Help Researchers Explore the World of Scientific Research Faster

Written by
Axton Pitt

Wellington, New Zealand — Litmaps (litmaps.com), the Literature Discovery Tool that enables researchers to explore the world of scientific literature faster, launched a new suite of Discovery and Visualization tools today. With a focus on speeding up literature reviews, Litmaps’ enable scientists to worry less about surveying the existing literature landscape and spend more time working on solving meaningful problems.

Multiscale models for collective behaviour with volume exclusion.

A comparison of agent-based and continuum models predicting collective behaviour.

Litmaps 2023: Refocus

Written by
Digl Dixon

Digl Dixon talks through Litmaps' change in focus that has led to the major design overhaul.

Litmaps 2023: Redesign

Written by
Digl Dixon

Digl expands on how our new business priorities have unfolded into Litmaps' design, and hints towards what we can expect in future. A follow-up to 2023: Refocus.

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