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Litmaps is the easiest, quickest and most accurate way to find the articles and papers you need to complete a literature review.

From a single paper, Litmaps generates a map of the most relevant articles that relate to your seed paper. The most recent articles appear on the right, the most cited articles appear at the top and the lines show the citations in-between.

Click on the dots to explore the articles, add new terms to expand your search and let Litmaps find the articles you didn’t know you needed to know about. Once you’re happy, save your new collection as a Litmap and share it.

Literature recommendations for everyone

Litmaps is used by PhD candidates, R&D teams, science communicators, universities, policy makers and engineers all over the world.  It is a proven tool to help with literature discovery, identifying novelty, prior art searches, citation chasing and literature management.
As an essential part of the researcher’s tool box, Litmaps is proven to:

  • reduce the time it takes to complete a literature review, whilst improving the quality of coverage
  • find articles you would never have found otherwise, thanks to Litmaps unique real-time queryable citation graph
  • keep you ahead of the curve and find out about new papers as soon as they are published with configurable Monitored Searches
  • communicate your work more effectively and build better, more collaborative relationships with your colleagues.
Used by over 110,000 reseachers worldwide
Litmaps is a game changer for finding novel literature. It has been invaluable for my productivity. I also got my PHD students to use it and they find it invalubale, finding several gaps they missed
Varun Ventkatesh - Austin Health Australia
As a student venturing into the world of Literature reviews, this is a tool that is outstanding and helping me find deeper results for my work.
Franklin Jeffers, South Oregon University, USA
Used by over 110,000 researchers worldwide

The power behind the recommendations

Litmaps finds the articles that are most relevant to your search criteria. It does this by analysing the citation patterns of the articles you select as your input. Litmaps traverses millions of papers for you in seconds and selects the most connected articles for you to review.

Litmaps is powered by the world’s only real-time queryable scientific literature graph. By using the citation patterns of articles and not keywords alone, Litmaps is less likely to miss key articles in your field that may use alternative keywords.
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