New Visual Discovery Tools Help Researchers Explore the World of Scientific Research Faster

Press Release
9th December 2022

Wellington, New Zealand —  Litmaps (, the Literature Discovery Tool that enables researchers to explore the world of scientific literature faster, launched a new suite of Discovery and Visualization tools today. With a focus on speeding up literature reviews, Litmaps’ enable scientists to worry less about surveying the existing literature landscape and spend more time working on solving meaningful problems.

As the need for science-based solutions to our existential problems becomes more pressing, the need for tools that help scientists become more effective and efficient only grows. Litmaps is proven to not only reduce the time it takes researchers to find the papers that matter most to them, but also help them tell a better, more influential story (for more details, check out our case study with a team at the University of Georgia).

Litmaps introduces new, low effort methods of discovering academic literature using full corpus scale author and citation analysis that can operate in the background for you. These discovery tools are paired with a flexible and purpose-built visualization engine to help researchers map their thinking and tell their research story more effectively.

Litmaps citation-based discovery tool.
Litmap visualization.

Litmaps is available for free, allowing users to get started quickly. Litmaps is also offering Litmaps Pro, a plan that offers real-time Literature Alerts for researchers who need to keep on top of the avalanche of new research papers published.

Axton Pitt, Litmaps CEO said, "Understanding how the scientific literature fits together as well as keeping on top of the latest breakthroughs is a challenging and stressful task. That's why we set out to solve both of these issues for ourselves and our friends early on."

Litmaps' dataset comes from the leading scientific journals and pre-print servers through partnerships and integrations with the Open Scientific Metadata ecosystem. Running your first search is made easy by importing papers you care about from any reference manager, helping researchers expand their searches and deliver more comprehensive studies, and robust literature reviews.

About Litmaps

Started in 2016, and based in New Zealand, the team are scientists, engineers and designers, determined to improve the experience of discovering scientific literature. Its mission is to accelerate the research process and improve the accessibility of knowledge as a way to produce better outcomes for the world.

Litmaps has a fast growing community of 125,000 users around the world including PhD candidates, librarians, R&D teams, science communicators, universities, policymakers and engineers.

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