Litmaps’ Database

Our database comprises over 200 million articles.

Litmaps operates using open access metadata. To maximise our coverage of the literature, we ingest data from multiple data providers, listed below. While we have a substantial dataset, it's important to note that there will still be absences from our catalogue: some articles simply don't have their metadata listed on open access metadata repositories.

Read more about our database here.

Our Data Providers

To see if these providers include the datasets for your research area, please investigate using the links above. Commonly requested (and supported) datasets include:

How Data is Treated

Once the raw data from our providers has been downloaded, we run checks to ensure we're presenting the most complete and up-to-date data possible, and run a deduplication process to avoid representing the same article twice.

Features for the Near Future

Our team is currently working on features that will allow you to upload your own articles. This will have limitations that we'll confirm at a later date, but this will help you to use Litmaps if your articles aren't present in our database.

We're also working on a feature we're calling “Data Patch Requests”. There are major challenges involved with maintaining a dataset of this size and complexity, and the fact is there are always going to be articles that come out wonky. Data Patch Requests will enable you to alert our team that you've found an issue with one of our articles — these requests will be investigated, and we'll patch our records where appropriate.